The management and supervisory structures at CEMENTIS is committed to setting the highest standards of corporate governance in all the countries where we have business operations and activities. Our approach ensures compliance.


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The supplier code of conduct – Download



CEMENTIS (Mauritius) Ltd (the “Company” or “CEMENTIS”), (formerly known as Lafarge (Mauritius) Cement Ltd), is a Mauritian public interest entity and a proud member of the CEMENTIS Group (the “Group”), recently established by Taylor Smith Investment Ltd following the acquisition of all Holcim Group holdings in the Indian Ocean.  

As part of the Group, Cementis seeks to build upon a 60-year tradition of supplying quality cement for Mauritian homes, sidewalks, schools, and infrastructure.  Through these activities, we, at CEMENTIS, are committed to the highest standard of business integrity, transparency and professionalism. We work hard to ensure that our decisions and actions are made ethically and responsibly to enhance business value for all community stakeholders in Mauritius.  

 The CEMENTIS Board of Directors (the “Board”) assumes responsibility for meeting all legal and regulatory requirements and continuously considers its best practice for corporate governances based on the eight principles of the National Code of Corporate Governance for Mauritius (2016).  Throughout the financial year ended 31 December 2021 and to the best of the Board’s knowledge the Company has complied with the Code. The Company has applied all the principles set out in the Code and explained how these principles have been applied.  

Code of Conduct

At CEMENTIS, one of the core values is Intentional Integrity, doing what is right at all times. We act with Intentional Integrity in the interest of all our stakeholders, from our customers, employees, partners, communities and wider social responsibility.

The CEMENTIS code of Business Conduct is implemented in all areas of the CEMENTIS sphere, guiding employment (health and safety, diversity and inclusion, fairness and respect), business practices and governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.

CEMENTIS aims to build long-term relationships with all our suppliers through sustainable development. One goal is to work in partnership to ensure our purchases create value for the Group and our customers, and also to demonstrate responsible management of our supply chain.


Terms of Reference of the Risk Management and Audit Committee – Download

Health and Safety

CEMENTIS puts the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees and stakeholders as a key responsibility and driver in our sustainable actions. Health and Safety processes and guidelines apply throughout all our offices and we promote adoption of similar processes throughout events, stakeholders and communities in which we co-exist. We will continue to invest in new safety measures, training and compliance to enable our staff, stakeholders and communities to participate in a safe and sound environment.

Leadership in the building materials market involves developing new Health and Safety standards. In our operations, on our clients’ sites, and in all of our interactions with local communities, health and safety are paramount.

Our goal is to achieve zero incidents by providing a safe environment for our workers, contractors, customers, and the communities with which we collaborate. We want to make a difference in our industry by constantly improving the way we work and act.