It is with great pleasure that I have this opportunity to introduce you to Cementis, soon to become
the leading supplier of cementitious materials in the Indian Ocean.

We will deliver our new and dynamic business through an experienced and energetic management
team leveraging our key commitments to being a Responsible, Reliable and Regional player. Our
mission, Cementing a Sustainable Future, will be delivered by our actions, not simply words.

We will be a responsible supplier of cement, enabling the construction of our cities and protecting
our islands, expanding and enhancing our infrastructure and building schools to educate our future
leaders. We will seek to minimise our environmental footprint at every stage of fulfilment, and build
on our social responsibilities around mutual respect, equality, openness and providing a future for

Our future relies on the exceptional existing human talent pool in the region and the opportunity to
further up-skill, generate and foster an innovative and creative environment that puts our clients
first. We will strive to empower all our stakeholders to contribute to positive change, to drive our
collective values and to realise a brighter, healthier, and more fulfilling environment for all.
Welcome onboard the journey to cement a sustainable future for all.

Chris H.